Dough, pastry, and icing are among the most versatile of mediums for an artist. This makes it ideal for an artistic baker to use for his creations. The range of colours, shapes and sizes are limited only by the imagination. This means that when you plan your child’s birthday party you can plan any theme you like that is appropriate, and you may be sure that will be possible to have a beautiful birthday cake made to blend in with it.

You may, of course go about it differently. Perhaps you or your child has seen a cake in a store or on a website that you absolutely fell in love with. Then you plan the birthday party theme around the cake instead.

When you order your cake, do try to choose a baker who uses good quality, healthy ingredients. It may cost you slightly more, but after all, your child’s health is worth more and there will be less chance of having sugar crazed kids running all around your house.

There are hundreds of themes for birthday parties for kids, and if you cannot think one up yourself, here are a few ideas to get your imagination working.

-Probably the most popular type of party for little girls is a princess party. There are all kinds of princesses and fairy princesses. Most of the little girls will want to be princesses, so let them dress up. Just don’t invite little boys – they will probably hate it! The birthday cake would look good in the form of a star or a crown, a butterfly, or a flower, or a combination.

-For little boys it is hard to beat a superhero party. Even if there are a few girls invited, they won’t mind if they can be female superheroes. The cake and the eats would have to have a super hero theme. If it is not too gruesome for you they could even be the enemies of superheroes, for them to eat!

-When it comes to parties with equal numbers of boys and girls present, animals are very popular. These are especially popular for very young children. The children themselves may come in animal costumes, but that is not strictly necessary for success. Your cake needs an animal theme, and most of the snacks can be constructed into the semblance of little animals and also presented on plates and in cups with animal themes.

-Cowboys and Indians can be for both boys and girls. It is a lovely theme for decorations, such as ropes, bales of hay, hats or feather headdresses for all the children, and if you can arrange pony rides, it would be perfect. Your cake could, for instance, take the form of a pony, a steer, or a cactus.

-Another very popular idea for boys, but it need not exclude girls, is a pirate party. The costumes are simple, eye patches, head scarves or hats, toy cutlasses or guns. A lovely cake would be a treasure chest full of delicious sweets that look like jewels.



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