Irrespective of their age or gender, kids love experimenting at the kitchen and easy recipes for kids to follow are therefore given so that your kid can spend time fruitfully. When you teach your kid these recipes you would observe that their basic skills in math, communication, reading and comprehension are also getting developed. Your kid would also learn to carefully follow the instructions provided which is really the preliminary lesson taught in primary schools. In addition to knowing the easy recipes for kids to follow you also need to get certain kitchen items handy for your kids like plastic/metal mixing bowls, wooden spoons, hot pads, cups, and apron.

The 2 easy recipes for kids to follow which would be discussed over here are “Krazy Kake”, and “Mouse Cupcakes”.

For preparing the dish of “Krazy Kake”, you would require 2 teaspoonfuls of baking soda, 1 teaspoonful of common salt, 2 teaspoonfuls of vinegar, and 1 teaspoonful of vanilla. You would also require 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of cocoa, 3/4 cup of oil and 2 cups of water. Before putting anything, preheat the oven to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix all the dry ingredients in a baking pan. Make the ingredients smooth. With the aid of a spoon, you need to make 3 big holes in a dry mixture. Pour vanilla in one of the holes, in another one pour vinegar, and then oil in the 3rd hole. Pour water over the total mixture and stir with the help of a fork until the mixture becomes uniform. Bake this at the same pre-set temperature for approximately 40 minutes. Then take out the cake and allow it to cool. You can use powdered sugar as a topping for this cake. Ensure that your kid has understood the quantities of ingredients required and the process of preparation, which is quite simple.

The second preparation that is going to be discussed in easy recipes for kids to follow is “Mouse Cupcakes”. The ingredients required would be 1 chocolate-cake mix, 8 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, small candies, skittles and licorice. The quantity of ingredients taken would be sufficient for preparation of 8 cupcakes.

First make the mixture for the cake preparation. Keep the muffin cups two-thirds full. Then make the preparation and allow it to cool after baking has been completed. When the cakes become cool, put ice-cream as a topping on them, and decorate them in a manner which gives a mouse’s appearance. You can use 2 mint-cookies to make the ears of the mouse and candies to resemble the eyes and the nose. Cut the licorice and insert it appropriately for the whiskers of the mouse. If the cake has started to melt in between all this, place the cupcakes in the freezer for half an hour. This recipe is extremely easy to prepare and your kid would also use his creativity in giving the appearance of the mouse to the cake.


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