Kids party planning can be a dreadful task. Just imagine planning a party for hundreds of kids and you are the only adult who will have control over things, wouldn’t that be such a task? That is why you should know the no-no’s when it comes to planning a party for kids.

Here are the following:

1) Do not invite guests that you cannot handle.

Since you are the only adult in control, you should not invite more kids than you can handle. Some kids may not even be under the supervision of an adult so you have more than a handful to control. Just imagine it when the children have more sugar intake to take in their bodies, it would be total chaos since every kid will be as perky.

2) Check your place.

Since you are doing a kids party planning, you should make your reception area child-proof. Clear the surroundings of any hazardous materials that kids might put in the mouth. Make sure you also child-proof sharp edges that might harm the kids.

3) Make your invitations concrete.

Especially if you are in a tight budget, you should make your invitations accurate. Say how many guests you can accommodate. Indicate also if the party will only serve ice cream and cake for kids or if it will be a complete meal. You do not want your guests to be hungry or your food to be inadequate.

4) Do not fall behind or over schedule.

Make sure that your party will go as planned. If you said in the invitation, 2 hours, be sure that your party will last only 2 hours. If you indicated 3pm then your party should start at 3pm. You shouldn’t bore guests or even make them too comfortable or you might be inadequate.

5) Have a program.

While you are doing kids party planning, make sure you have a program filled with games, magicians and other thinks that kids might enjoy. You can also have games where adults can participate and have fun.

6) Have a back-up plan.

If you are doing the party outside, make sure you will have a back-up plan in case it rains. Make sure that you have also confirmed with the magicians and other entertainers. If you are renting other stuffs or other caterers, confirm it too. Confirm with the guests too if they are coming so you can prepare ahead of time.



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